Beauty in Gratitude

One thing that I will take away from my weeks in quarantine is the amount that I take for granted each day. In the craziness of being ill, it has actually taught me that every healthy moment I have is a gift. In the mundane, everyday moments it's important to realise how much I actually [...]

What constitutes an emergency?

Yesterday was the toughest day I've had so far since the beginning of my treatment. I just felt horrid for most of the day. I felt so terrible in the morning with chest pains that eventually I dialed for a health service on the phone, got assessed by paramedics in an ambulance vehicle and taken [...]

The Wednesday Prayer

Oof, it's been a tough couple of days physically. I have not felt well. Chest pains, palpatations, exhaustion, you name it. Graves disease seemed to be kicking my butt! But thanks be to God our Saviour is so, so much bigger than even my worst fears. Which brings me to the idea of the 'Wednesday [...]

Day Six

Week one is done - yay!! Phew. It's been a tough but good week. I've had a lot of time on my hands for contemplation. I have had my ups and downs health-wise. Today is the first Sunday since the radiation treatment so I have tried to spend it in worship. There was a wonderful [...]


It has felt like a whirlwind since Tuesday, when I went into hospital to receive my radioactive iodine (RAI I-131) treatment. My husband and I sat in a waiting room for about two and a half hours before we were taken into a hospital room. And what a spiritual battle I had in those two [...]